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Sport and Recreation Center Stare Kaleńsko is located in the forest, in the Drawskie Lake District in the Drawskie Landscape Park, 7 km from Czaplinka, directly on the banks of Lake Kaleński with an area of ​​114 hectares and 1st class of cleanliness.

Drawskie Lake District and Drawski Landscape Park are an oasis of peace and tranquility, located away from the main communication routes.
Dense mixed forests stretching for many kilometers abounds in numerous natural monuments, mushrooms, berries and blackberries and many rare bird and game species.

The nearby monuments, such as the restored Drahim Castle, Siemczyno Palace, Swidwin Castle and the charming center of Czaplinka, add to the tourist appeal of our area.

The location of our resort in the forest is ideal for organizing sports and leisure activities for children, adolescents and adults. The climate of this area is part of the Baltic region (100 km from Kołobrzeg) and is characterized by stronger oceanic influences compared to other regions of Poland.

There is also a microclimate in Old Kalkan. The resort is nested at the end of a glacier gutter among the forests. The air is so clean and fresh. Staying in this climate greatly improves the well-being and well-being of the body. Experienced athletes and numerous guests.

Over 50 thousand people have been resting in the old Kaliningrad district in the last 50 years. guest!

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